Consult Objective

The smart farm was only able to grow green vegetables. Now, it developed to mushroom farming, and you can adjust the temperature, humidity, air blow, and oxygen levels with your smartphone. This technology is getting popular in agriculturally developed countries which as Netherland, Germany, Denmark, etc.


High accuracy of business feasibility analysis with agricultural experience and data

Dotori Smart Farm is the first one of the mushroom specialized smart farm which is developed by 20-year-experienced as shiitake mushroom professional farmer.
This is comprehensive consulting based on experience from establishing a business to harvest and sales inclusive.
The database is based on the enormous experience of the combination with the 1st generation of mushroom plant and until the 4th generation which is planting vertically.

Customize your needs and purpose

Dotori’s total solution network system gives the best model of the smart farm for your budget and purpose of investment