(Organic) mushroom spawn

independently developed and produced the mycelium and applied as its own seed.

Mycelium, the fungal body, which is the root of mushrooms, has been recognized by the Korea Food and Drug Administration as a source of health-functioning food, as it has better nutrition and medicinal properties than mushrooms. We are trying to carry out a variety of new businesses using these mycelium.

DTR Mycelium special features

Raw material for extracting various nutrients

Mycelium is low-calorie, high-protein. And it contains a lot of other nutrients, it’s a good raw material for extracting these ingredients.

Excellent efficacy

The mycelium extract of shiitake has been recognized as a functional substance that helps improve immune function and improve liver health.

High future value as a raw material for food

It is seen as a good source of future food due to its high protein content and low fat and low calories. Because production process is also eco-friendly, it is a new source of protein that the whole world is paying attention to.

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