1. Spawns

  • Shiitake seed: DTR 1, DTR 2, DTR 7, DTR 10
  • Other mushrooms: Jew’s Ear, Hericium erinaceum, Phellinus, Ganoderma lucidum

2. Mushrooms

  • Main: Shiitake
  • Others: All other mushrooms
  • Trade in: Fresh, Dry, processed mushrooms

3. Mushroom Planting Resources

  • Main: water injector, special vertical shelves for planting mushrooms
  • Minor: All the materials for planting mushrooms

Shiitake mushroom spawns – The representative product of DDAJAGO

Sawdust culture medium with fully incubated shiitake mushroom spawns

  • 100% same method of planning Chinese shiitake mushroom spawns
  • The latest and biggest factory is able to produce an organic standard shiitake mushroom spawns
  • Be ready for the changing of labeling rules on Shiitake mushrooms
  • Get support after purchasing ‘Ttajago’ brand

DDAJAGO medium Features


  • Our product can be raised at the same facilities as your original farm which is fit for Chinese shiitake mushroom culture
  • Our product is made in Korea and selling at a reasonable price


  • The latest and biggest factory is able to produce an organic standard shiitake mushroom spawns
  • superior ingredients for making shiitake mushroom spawns in the spotless facilities.

The latest and biggest facilities

Prepare for change

  • You can prevent the damage from the changing law for the product of origin
  • DDAJAGO is not a double vinyl product that reported as harm to environment recently

We can help you

  • We support educate service to the customer who has a difficulty of raising for our mushroom spawns

Product range

Type Original Shiitake Mushroom Spawn
Organic Shiitake Mushroom Spawn
Seed DTR 1, DTR 2, DTR 7, DTR 10, L808, Lentinula edodes (Berk.) Pegler
Weight 2~4kg
MOQ E-mail us
Order 2kg – At all times
3kg – At least 5 months before

※ Seed and weight can be changed to suit the order.

DDAJAGO Care Service


We also planting shiitake mushroom in our backyard, so we understand the farmer’s realistic concerns.
Our care service is based on it

Instalment Payment


Water-injector Rental Service

3-year Contract Promotion

※ Provide DDAJAGO box for free

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