A tiny mycelium interwind itself and become the mushrooms.
“Dotori Agricultural Co. Ltd” will make a bigger value with small mushrooms like as the the mycelium.

Meaning of ‘DOTORI’
Dotori is a Korean word meaning as the acorn. The acorn is precious food for the small animals in the forest.
A little acorn grows a giant oak tree, and provides a shelter to people in the hot summer.
‘Dotori’ is going to be invaluable company to the people, the plants and our planet.

Thank you,

Seon Hye-seon, CEO of DOTORI Agricultural Company

Business field

Mushroom spawn, mycelium production and seed R&D

– Research laboratory
– The biggest and latest mushroom spawn factory in Korea
– Patent 3 species of shiitake mushroom seed


– Trade the own producing mushroom-spawns
– Distribute mushrooms includes some customer’s cultivate mushroom
– Mushroom related products research and development

Mushroom farm consulting

– Profit improvement consulting to the mushroom farm
– A new or switching smart farm consulting
– Consulting to a beginner or a returner farmer for settle down in rural area

Core Value

Add nature

Produce eco-friendly items to preserve and protect our nature

Add novelty

Challenge and enjoy the innovation

Add people

Will be a company that develops together with respect to customers, shareholders, employees and communities.


Lead the global mushroom market with the best quality products and services


Be the best edible fungus bio-technology company through our experience of shiitake mushroom spawn

No.1 Shiitake Mushroom
Professional Company

No.1 Mycelium
Professional Company

No.1 edible fungus
bio-technology company

Product Philosophy

“More valuable product than nature itself”


produce the up-cycling products that is not only the environmental protect but also makes the social benefit

Up-cycling is a process that takes abandoned things into valuable products. It is more developed processing than simply recycling.